University of Southampton Releases Policy for COVID Impact to Research Degree Thesis


The University has given research degree students the opportunity to submit a statement ‘outlining the disruptions they have encountered due to COVID-19, and the extent to which it was possible to adapt the work’ alongside their thesis.

Examiners will be asked to consider this statement to the ‘scope and volume of the work,’ while holding firm on the quality threshold for the award to keep its integrity and value.

This policy covers all research degrees and comes into force for submissions or resubmissions made on or after 8 February 2012.

This optional account of the affects of COVID-19 on research is separate to and comes in addition to the explanation of alternative plans and methodology that might have been included in the main body of a thesis in times prior.

For more information read the Research degree theses and the impact of Covid-19 restrictions policy document.


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