Could You Win an Aspire Award?


The awards help undergraduates from underrepresented groups accomplish their dreams to make a difference. 

The projects must be achievable, and meet one or more of the Aspire values:

  • Positively impact society especially within the local community.
  • Promote equality and inclusion for people from underrepresented groups.
  • Broaden your opportunities for education.
  • Enhance cultural development.
  • Related to your degree.
  • Enhances the lives of those involved.

£1000 will be given to the winners to make their goals a reality. There are thirty awards available thanks to a partnership between the University of Southampton and Santander.

On 22nd February, applications for the awards opened. The deadline for applications is 19th March.

Winners will be decided by a panel of judges who will consider whether the proposed project is realistic and corresponds to one or more of the Aspire values. The judges will also consider the impact it could have on the community. Successful applicants will be asked to write a short impact report with photos explaining how the money helped them achieve their aspirations.

Students considering applying can attend an application workshop ‘Aspire Awards: What makes a successful application’ If you think you’ve got an idea that meets the criteria and are eligible then apply here.

Previous winners have used the funding to participate in mental health volunteering, to compete in the University Rover Challenge, to attend a conference and present to the British Ecological Society and to carry out Tropical marine biology research at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora.

If you’d like more information about the Awards, you can email and visit the website.


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