SUSU To Lobby University To Reduce International Students’ Tuition Fees


A petition launched via SUSU regarding international students’ tuition fees during COVID-19 has won a majority of the student vote.

In a landslide involving 4,832 votes in total, 98% of votes were in support of SUSU lobbying the University to reduce international students’ fees in address of the learning circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. International tuition fees at the University currently range as high as £23,738 for courses such as Medicine, compared to the standard £9,250 for UK and EU students (until September 2021).

The launch and subsequent success of this petition notably follows an earlier successful petition to SUSU regarding halls accommodation fees during COVID-19, as well as several national petitions to the UK Government and Parliament similarly addressing tuition fees.

The results of the petition were released on Thursday 25th February.


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