SUSU Launches Annual Volunteering Awards


The Academic Awards and Society & Volunteering Awards have made a return for 2021, asking those within the University to recognise students, staff, clubs and/or societies that have gone above and beyond in the past academic year. Nominations for both awards are currently open until 13:00 on Monday 29th March.

In the Academic Awards, the student (academic rep) categories for nomination are Best Contribution to Faculty, Best Consultation and Best Impact, while the staff categories are Best Pastoral Support, Best Academic Support and Most Engaging Lecturer. The categories for the Society & Volunteering Awards are a slightly longer list, as follows:

  • Best Event
  • Best Campaign
  • Best Collaboration
  • Fundraiser of the Year
  • Community Impact Award
  • Society Committee Member of the Year
  • Society Member of the Year
  • Society of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution

The Academic Awards will be streamed online on Thursday 13th May, while the Society & Volunteering Awards will take place earlier on Friday 7th May and are, at the time of writing, unspecified to be an in-person or online event.


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