New Nightclub In Southampton Set To Open After Lockdown


Trilogy Nightclub is expecting to open its doors on 21st June, at the planned end of lockdown restrictions in England. 

The new nightclub is planning to open its site on London Road, Southampton, in the same location as previous nightclubs Junk and Rebel.

There will be two rooms with two DJs. One room will feature RnB, Dance and House music, whilst the other will be playing Pop music. The Pop room will also feature a light up, multicolour dance floor and disco balls.

The club’s opening hours will be 9.30pm – 4am on Friday and Saturday nights. Their weeknight hours have not yet been finalised, despite the club getting a week-long 4am licence and their proposed launch date being a Monday night.

Recruitment for the nightclub is due to begin shortly, with around 40 jobs set to be on offer.

The co-owner, Duncan Squires, has said about the club opening:

The entertainment industry has been hit the hardest by the pandemic – which was expected. A lot of people, like DJ’s and security staff are out of work. Also for quite a few people in our industry, their work is their hobby and they’re not able to access that now. It’s going to be great to have everyone back in. I think the excitement is building for the opening and hopefully people will get behind it.

Southampton was chosen as a location to open a new nightclub in because ‘it’s such a vibrant city with lots of students’, explained Duncan Squires.

The Southampton club will not be the only Trilogy nightclub opening; the franchise has annouced two other proposed openings in Blackpool and High Wycombe in June.


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