The Top Five Reasons to Cycle at University


Cycling is a great way to travel at University – it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s eco-friendly, and youll always have ‘wheels’ to get you where you need to go whether it’s a lecture or a drink at the student union.

Here are five reasons to choose cycling as your mode of transport while at University, plus the basics you’ll need.

  1. Its free. Apart from the cost of the bicycle and vital accessories, cycling every day is free. The two crucial things you want to leave Uni with are a degree and as little debt as possible. The cycle scheme has estimated that switching to a bicycle could save more than £3,000 a year.
  2. It is quicker. A recent report by INRIX, a data company specializing in roads, found that it was quicker to cycle than to drive, based on last-mile speed in six major UK cities. With many cities now adopting 20mph speed limits for cars and buses, and significantly better cycle paths and cycle-friendly traffic lights, cyclists can get across a city faster than ANY other mode of transport.
  3. It is easy (and free) to park. With universities getting bigger and parking charges increasing, switching to a bike is a no-brainer. All you need is a lock, and you can park your bike anywhere. The bike can be left safely overnight so if your plans change, it can easily be left to collect the next day.
  4. It is a great method of exercise. Cycling as a method of transport puts exercise into the daily routine without adding extra time. Cycling to and from Uni can provide an hour’s cardio activity and can burn off approximately 300 calories and improve muscle strength and tone.
  5. It is great for mental health. Numerous studies have proven that cycling is great for mental health – it reduces stress, reduces the risk of depression, improves sleep, improves memory and improves productivity.

So, what are the basics you will need to get in the saddle? Investing well in these vitals will ensure that they all last longer than the three years it will take you to get a degree.

  1. A bike. Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and the price tag can vary dramatically. If you don’t have a bike already, it is worth checking out second-hand options to save on extra cost.
  2. Lights. Investing in good lights is definitely worth the money. USB charging lights are brilliant; their luminosity is really high and allows the rider to see and be seen even on the darkest nights.
  3. Lock. A good lock will make sure your bike doesn’t get nicked. D-Locks are the best as they are the hardest to break open.
  4. Helmet. Not wearing a helmet is just not worth the risk and now with companies like Dashel and Closca, creating well-designed, stylish helmets, these are ontrend.
  5. Pannier Bag. Investing in a bag that attaches to the bike is vital. It takes the strain off the back and reduces back sweat. Hill & Ellis pannier bags are built for life on and off the bike.

Cycling while at university has so many advantages, so get yourself sorted with a pair of wheels as soon as you can and reap the benefits.


Hill & Ellis produces a range of high quality, stylish cycle bags. Each bag, designed in the UK, is created to transition perfectly from home to bike to boardroom to bar. They are functional, fashionable, and hard-wearing. There’s plenty of space inside for a laptop and other essentials, and each bag comes with patented pannier clips that fit almost any bike, allowing you to clip the bag on and off quickly and easily.


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