Southampton-based Midwife nominated for the Hampshire Heroes Awards 2021


Megan Rayner, a Southampton-based midwife, nominated for the Hampshire Heroes Awards 2021.

Megan was nominated by Beth George when she came to the rescue after Beth was separated from her baby, Remy. Remy was transferred to a different hospital for surgery for a life-threatening defect.

Remy was born with malrotation of the bowel which can cause blockages. The day-old baby was transferred to Southampton’s Princess Anne Hospital for treatment. Due to the pandemic, Salisbury mother, Beth, was unable to see her child and had to consent to the surgery whilst not there.

Beth’s partner contacted Megan, who organised a lift to the Princess Anne Hospital and a room for the night. In the following days, Megan assisted Beth in everything she needed. Remy is now out of the hospital and Beth describes Megan as her ‘guardian angel‘.

Beth hopes to raise money for the NICU unit in show of her gratitude for Megan’s care.


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