“In Conversation With Our Research Leaders” Series Continues With Professor Cynthia Graham


As the second instalment in the talk series “In conversation with our research leaders,” brought to you by the University’s Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP), Professor Cynthia Graham is due to address attendees on her research within sexual health and education. The hour-long talk is scheduled for 11:00 on Thursday 22nd April. Places can be reserved via the StaffBook or GradBook platforms for the University’s staff and postgraduate researchers respectively.

Professor Graham serves as the Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health in the School of Psychology, as well as co-Director of the Centre for Clinical and Community Applications of Health Psychology. Further credentials cite her as a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sex Research, and a member of the University’s Centre for Sexual Health Research. The professor’s current research focuses on experiences & improving statistics surrounding the use of condoms, sexual health in women and older adults, as well as innovation in sex education for adolescents.

For more information, eligible readers have been advised to visit the CHEP news page.


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