Knowledge Exchange Framework recognises the University of Southampton’s work


The University’s research, engagement and entrepreneurial achievements have been recognises by the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).

In its first ever results, the KEF has placed the University of Southampton in the top 10 percent of all universities assesed for ‘Public and community engagement’, ‘Intellectual Property and commercialisation’, and ‘Working with the public and third sector’.

The University of Southampton is also in the top 20 percent for ‘Working with business’ and ‘Research partnerships’. For other activities the University has also performed at or above average. The results are available on the KEF website here.

This first-ever KEF was conducted by Research England. The KEF was established to assist universities in understanding their own performance and offering areas they may improve in. The KEF provide information to universities to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. For more information visit their website.


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