Southampton Fuel Prices Highest in the Country, Study Finds


New research conducted by car insurance provider Budget Direct has found Southampton to be the most expensive place in the country to fill up your car.

Using figures from the Global Fuel Index 2021, Southampton was found to have the highest average price of both gasoline and diesel in the whole country, priced at £1.23 per litre for gasoline and £1.26 per litre for diesel.

Therefore, to fill up a Ford Fiesta Mk8 would cost £51.66 to fill with gasoline, and £49.56 to fill with diesel if done in Southampton.

The next highest prices were to be found in London and Manchester at £1.20 per litre of gasoline, and £1.24 per litre of diesel in London.

Across European cities, the most expensive fuel could be found in Amsterdam, with €1.63 per litre of gasoline, and €1.45 per litre of diesel in both Paris and Stockholm. The UK has the 19th highest fuel prices in the world.

The rate of inflation has been growing with the rising cost of fuel since a fall in February, although this rise is lower than had been expected.

The price of petrol hit 123.7 pence per litre in March 2021, up from 119.4 pence per litre a year ago.

Inflation and the cost of goods are expected to continue to rise as the UK and other countries emerge from the pandemic.


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