LGBTQ+ Exclusive Flats Coming To University Halls Next Year


SUSU Vice President of Welfare and Community Savanna Cutts has announced plans for LGBTQ+ exclusive flats in the university’s halls of residents, which will be introduced in the 2022/23 academic year.

In a statement on the website, she explained that these plans, suggested by LGBTQ+ Officer Jamie Norton, have been put in place to help students in the LGBTQ+ community feel ‘safe, warm and secure’ during their time in halls.

When applying for halls, students will be able to tick a box to indicate that they would like to be considered for an LGBTQ+ flat. These flats will be for LGBTQ+ students only, but there will be no external indicators on the flats or in contracts to identify them as LGBTQ+. The current proposal aims to designate 6 flats, comprising 42 rooms, for this scheme. However, if the demand exceeds this, there is potential to expand this further.

If you have any questions about this scheme, you can email Savanna at


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