UoS Student Enterprise to run freelance bootcamp sessions


The University of Southampton’s Student Enterprise are holding two Freelance Bootcamps this month to give students an idea of what they can expect if they are thinking of freelancing or becoming self employed.

The first bootcamp, aimed at Humanities students, is running on Wednesday 9th February from 1pm until 6pm, whilst a second session for students at Winchester School of Art will be taking place on Wednesday 23rd February from 1pm until 6pm. Both of these Bootcamps will be held online.

Freelancers work in a range of professions, such as writers, musicians, photographers, designers, artists and sculptors. Whilst for many people freelance full-time, others freelance part time to make extra money outside of their day job.

These sessions intend to introduce students to the reality of the day-to-day life of a freelancer, provide tips on how to succeed, and suggest practical steps for getting started as a freelancer. Students will also get to hear from Southampton alumni about their own experiences of freelancing, including Katie Uniacke, a Spanish and Portuguese graduate turned freelance translator; Claire Shepherd, a copywriter/proofreader; and Dan Mar-Molinero from the Music department and freelance saxophonist.

If you’re interested in attending either of these Bootcamps, you can register your place here.


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