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That’s right! Pause now has its own Instagram account, Wessex Meme! Supplementing our main Instagram account, Wessex Meme leans more heavily towards promoting content from our Pause section in addition to posting memes, satirical headlines, and other fun stuff with lots of opportunities to get involved.

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler: if you’ve made some original content that you want to share, message the page with it! If you’re in our main Writers and Illustrators Facebook group*, where prompts are posted, you may also choose to submit something in response to the Pause prompts; people are also more than welcome to workshop ideas in the comments for those posts!

The account will mainly try to focus on content which is relevant to the lives of students and alumni in and around Southampton however, with so many of this demographic coming from all over the country with a sizable chunk coming from across the wider world, this will likely end up encompassing practically everything anyway.

Although the account was intended to focus primarily on Southampton and things relevant to students, two things soon became apparent:

A) There isn’t a consistent supply of interesting material from the area to work with.

B) With the student demographic spanning such a wide range of backgrounds, practically everything is relevant.

At the end of the day, the one thing that everyone has in common is the need for a good laugh from time to time, so that’s ultimately what Wessex Meme aims to provide.

This came about primarily because somebody ran for Pause Editor last summer and promised to do this in their manifesto (you can put the rest of the pieces together) – but why would I promise such a thing? Well firstly it’s definitely not a guerrilla marketing tactic to entice people to get involved with us, wink wink. Secondly, it’s to create an outlet where people can submit their ideas which they didn’t have the time or confidence to turn into a full-bore article; I’ve heard many a talented writer have a brilliant idea but when pressed to write it up seem to be afraid that people won’t get it. Wessex Meme is here to prove those people wrong! If you thought something was entertaining for even a split second, the chances are there are other people out there who will feel the same; an idea bouncing around your mind may go stale but it’s important to remember that this only holds true for you, to others it’s still as fresh as when it first popped into your head.

For many people, especially those new to writing, the idea of realising a full article can be daunting, especially if there is any doubt about the outcome being worth the effort (I assure you, it is). Whilst we have numerous editors who are happy to work with you and provide as much guidance as possible, sometimes you just need to start with something smaller. Wessex Meme is here to help with that! So whether it’s a headline you want to test out, a meme you want to get to a large audience, a short comic/cartoon you’ve drawn, or even something we haven’t yet thought of, Wessex Meme is the place for you!

After getting to the end of this article, it would be a shame if you still forgot to follow Wessex Meme, wouldn’t it?

*Despite the name, you’re under no obligation to write or illustrate for us. If the topics we cover interest you or you’re just looking to come along to socials and make friends in our community, this is the group to join!


Editor-in-Chief for 2023/24. Interests include: satire, social sciences, heavy music, and leveraging anything within reach to try and make people laugh.

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