‘It’s Not Really my Job to Talk About World Leaders’ Says Man Whose Job Includes Talking About World Leaders


Disclaimer: This article is satirical in nature

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said that he found the recent police shooting of unarmed African-American George Floyd in the US ‘very distressing’, but added that it was not his job to discuss it in a Sky interview last month.

Raab took particular issue with discussing the reaction of Trump, who declared in a tweet that ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’, to Floyd’s death and the subsequent protesting and rioting.

Rather than taking the moment to condemn the US president’s brazen threats of violence against his own citizens, Raab instead insisted that it was not his job to even discuss the leader of the free world, leaving viewers baffled as to what use he actually is as Foreign Secretary.

Later, on BBC, Raab told Andrew Marr that he refrains from commenting on ‘what President Trump says or indeed other world leaders’, presumably including the tyrants, dictators and war criminals of the world, in a very comforting message for those vested in foreign affairs.

Following the comments, other Conservative members of the Cabinet also changed their approaches to their jobs. One such member is Matt Hancock, who has stopped commenting on the pandemic entirely. Boris Johnson, meanwhile, has also stopped performing his job of running the country as Prime Minister, although critics say that already happened the day that Johnson refused to fire Dominic Cummings for his excursion to Durham during the lockdown.

Wessex Scene would like to report on what a No. 10 spokesperson said about the actions of the government and its governing ministers, but all had unfortunately been instructed that it is no longer their job to discuss political matters.



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