Allan Called


This poem is the first of its kind. Southampton poet Khairah Boukhatem is launching a poetry collection that will explore the subject of animals and the non-human. Each week, a new piece will be published that attempts to bridge the gap between creature and critter, friend and foe, and most importantly, man and our fellow beasts.

Allan Called

I went home to put on dinner and in my hand was a butterfly. 

I know it was an accident because I ain’t a butterfly catcher. 

Its wings were bigger than in pictures or shampoo bottles. 

(It was red and had spots of blue just like the dishcloth

I brought to brighten up the kitchen this fall)

So in my hand was this butterfly next to the fresh bread I bake. 

Allan called out for me and I didn’t know what to tell him 

because I was in the kitchen with a butterfly and two empty plates. 

So I opened up the window and let it fly out straight.


Khairah Boukhatem 


Above all else, I love creative expression. Whether it's directing actors on set, writing poems, performing covers, or getting into the nitty-gritty of a text for review - I am happiest when exercising my imagination. I hope to work with Wessex Scene to produce both creative and critical work that helps us think critically about art and its reception in the world.

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