The Worms – A Poem by Khairah Boukhatem


it was a sensation
ripped out of metallic packets
on student diets;

it clenched my jaw and enjoyed it
to grind then chew
like cattle teeth grass textured;

caught one in my tongue
it had a weird texture

a human face in molten led
(didn’t taste it because that would be abject)
spare ribs pasture-fed;

a flood of white worms
that came out of me as Noah did
in his brave impenetrable arc.


Above all else, I love creative expression. Whether it's directing actors on set, writing poems, performing covers, or getting into the nitty-gritty of a text for review - I am happiest when exercising my imagination. I hope to work with Wessex Scene to produce both creative and critical work that helps us think critically about art and its reception in the world.

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