The Lazy Student Guide To University Essentials


Moving to university is a big change, and it sometimes feels like you’re walking into it blind. As a lazy person, I left everything to the last minute, which meant I found that I arrived at university with a lack of items. I had even forgotten to pack a duvet, which was lack lustre in comparison to my counterparts who had everything from a duvet to garlic crushers. If I was to do it again, this is what I would say is an essentials list.


I recommend bringing bedding, obviously, but I think it’s very important to buy the things that you wouldn’t need at home. For example, a mattress protector, to avoid a hefty fine if you spill anything on the mattress, and a mattress topper to firstly make it more comfortable (uni beds are nothing like those found in a hotel) and because you don’t know who used your mattress before you.

Distinctive Cutlery and Kitchen stuff

Perhaps avoid Ikea, because otherwise you’ll find it’ll be much more likely your stuff will ‘mysteriously go missing’. Also glasses do get smashed during pre drinks so perhaps bring spare or keep one in your room.

Don’t worry about bringing a toaster and kettle and just buy one with your flat mates once the year starts!

Baking Trays

Most things you’ll eat will be frozen.


It sounds silly, but this was one of the things that I found made my university experience better. Having a pinboard with photos made my halls feel more homely and added a personal touch.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are such a lovely touch to help you feel more at home.

Dressing Up

If you are someone that is going to make the most out of university nightlife, buy yourself some dressing up outfits. Even if you don’t use it at socials, Halloween comes very quickly!


Whether you are someone who wants to be the life of the party or someone who wants to chill to The Greatest Showman soundtrack in your room, speakers can make everything feel like a party.

Reed Diffusers

You’ll most likely not be allowed candles in your halls, therefore a reed diffuser can be used instead for all your scent desires.

Some things I bought but never used:

Iron – who was I kidding, I was never going to iron

Kettle – turns out everyone had bought one, and I couldn’t plug it in my room because it would blow the fuse.

If you are starting university this year, good luck! I hope this essential guide helps you with your university needs.


Wessex Scene News and Investigations Editor and English (BA) student.

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