Review: Tortilla WestQuay


I recently got the pleasure of reviewing some food at Tortilla in WestQuay, Southampton. I had originally planned to review their new vegan Quesadilla and Churros but unfortunately, they had run out of the vegan filling, chilli no carne. Instead, I tried their chicken burrito. Thankfully (because they were so nice and cooked some just for me), I managed to try their vegan choc-nut stuffed churros.

I arrived quite late on a Thursday night ready to celebrate finishing my first semester of the third year, the food didn’t disappoint. At a convenient location in the WestQuay food court, it is a great place for a casual meal out or some quick food whilst shopping and exploring the city centre.

Though my experience, especially at the start, was a little stressful. The queues were long and they had sold out of what I was supposed to review. However, that was not the staff’s fault and they were very friendly and helpful at finding alternatives for the review. If I had been vegan though, I would have had to go elsewhere. I think though that the long queues and sold-out food is, if anything, a testament to how good the Tortilla is. I did also arrive around one hour and a half before their closing time so they were likely to have run out of some options.

As I said, I had the chicken burrito with rice, black beans, sour cream and salsa. It was genuinely really lovely. It was a big portion size and the burrito was bursting at the seams so it was definitely great value for money at £6.20-£7.30. I topped it up with a lemonade and a bag of tortilla chips but I probably didn’t need them, the burrito was filling enough. They were a great snack for a movie night I had at home though! The food was very flavoursome and I genuinely enjoyed every bite.

As for the churros, they were delightful and I can’t wait to go back and get more. There were about 6 or 7 in each bag (£4.20). Again, this portion was very generous and could probably be shared with a friend, but I think they were too good to share. They were creamy, cinnamony and very tasty. They were a little dry but that could have been because I devoured all of mine in about 10 minutes as they tasted so good.

Overall, I would highly recommend Tortilla’s general menu, and if the churros were anything to go by, their vegan menu too!


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