Why The Stars Matter. Mostly.


Sun signs, rising signs and houses. Star signs and the zodiac chart have become increasingly popular since the 1970s. But does the date, time, and place of our birth along with the positions of planets and stars actually have any effect on our development and growth as humans? It would be nice to think so.

As a self-proclaimed textbook Pisces, star signs have always been incredibly accurate, and often resonate with my traits and actions. Being emotional, imaginative, and gracious are all things I am happy to identify with. However, I do like to argue I am not overly sensitive, money-minded, or pessimistic, even if my friends and family disagree with my objection. However, I know some people (Geminis…) don’t exactly like to be associated with this cosmic system at all, even if there is some reverberation within their lives.

Realistically, there is little to no scientific evidence to back astrology up. Although the use of the stars, moons and planets may seem completely scientific, there has been no proof to show influence on humans as far as star signs claim. There have been no recent scientific studies into astrology, as it is simply deemed untestable by the scientific community. There are so many theoretical obstacles like the lack of predictability, lack of physical basis and mechanism that astrology has been classified as null and void.  One of the main flaws of astrology, as told by our dear friend Professor Stephen Hawking, is that astrology goes against certain scientific theories that have been tested and proved by experiment. So, Scorpios of the world, fear not, just because you were born on a cold autumnal night in November, it does not mean you’re destined to be a spawn of Satan. Not according to scientific evidence, anyway.

Personally, I think star signs are a comfort to a small proportion of the population. I have often heard the phrases: ‘Sorry for my awful mood, Mercury is in retrograde’, or ‘I apologise, my Libra moon is showing’. Star signs enable us to relate to other people, identify ourselves as part of a group of similar people, and most importantly, reject partners due to their crummy birth charts. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to date an Aquarius with an Aries rising.

Star signs have just become a justification for many human interactions, or lack thereof. As humans, we often try to find explanations for our actions. It is nice to have a system through which we can blame some not so pleasant characteristics on the exact time and place we were born, even if some people choose not to go along with it. There’s always comfort in having excuses for being late or causing an argument, even if they aren’t entirely true. Science is not always the decider of fact and fiction, and I shall continue to believe that whatever is out there has had an effect on me, my personality and my future – even if it is not entirely accurate. What is these days?


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