Universities Ranked Based on Accessibility to Nando’s


The University of Bantshire have released what they call ‘another pointless league table,’ where they have ranked all universities according to how close they are to a Nando’s.

Those universities that do not have a Nando’s in their vicinity have been left out of the main league, and put in their own ‘Lemon and Herb’ table. Luckily, the University of Southampton has not been banished to such a place.

However, the ranking of UoS is less than desirable.  It is situated at a shocking 4.5 miles (on average) from its nearest Nando’s, placing the university at ‘Mild’, with a position of 143 out of a possible 150. Unfortunately for University of Winchester, they have ranked 149th.

So, if you are looking to pop for a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ for your one-hour lunch break, then perhaps the University of Southampton is not the right choice for you. If you want your favourite restaurant to be less than a 15-minute walk from your campus, then perhaps a move to Glasgow School of Art or University of St Andrews might be in your future.

If you want to see where all of your friends universities rank, then you can find their full list here.


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