Southampton in UK Top 20 for Hard Water


In the 2020 UK Hard Water Index, Southampton found its place in the top 20 towns and cities in the UK, based on water hardness.

The data, compiled by Harvey Water Softeners, found Southampton’s water to contain a high level of calcium carbonate. It’s been thought that this is the case due to the city being close to limestone and chalky sedimentary rock.

Hard water contains more magnesium and calcium components than soft water. It gains these compounds when rainwater falls onto porous ground, and the molecules retain them while they are in the reservoirs before entering people’s homes.

General manager at Harvey Water Softeners, Toby Jones, said:

While many people often refer to how the hardness of water can affect its taste, it’s actually the other implications of hard water on the home and to lives in general that are greater causes for concern.

These other implications affect a number of different parts in people’s lives. The most obvious is the increased amount of limescale in the home as the calcium deposits on appliances such as kettles and taps.

However, hard water can also have a surprising effect on hair and skin. It is thought hard water can cause fragility to hair, and the extra minerals in the water can damage the protective layer of skin, which can lead to irritability and dryness.

There are ways to combat the damaging effects of hard water, which can include filtration systems, and ensuring to keep hair and skin moisturised.


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