Clay Pigeon Shooting Club Receives Funding


Funding has been given by SUSU for four new shotguns for the recently-established Clay Pigeon Society.

Only three years old, SUSU have seemed keen to provide funding to help the club continue to grow and develop. There is no need for a gun license or prior experience to join the club, where they hold socials and shoot every two weeks.

On the grant, Olivia Reed, VP Sports said:

“Clay pigeon shooting is in its third year of existence and we’re really excited by how it’s developing as a society. We were delighted to support them as they entered BUCS for the first time as well as helping them expand their range of equipment for sporting purposes. We have over 90 sports clubs at SUSU, check out some of our free sports taster sessions this week or contact a club throughout the year if you’re interested in getting involved!”


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