Senior Team for University of Southampton is Undergoing Changes


Following a meeting at the Senate on Wednesday 12th February, a number of positions within senior management for the university are undergoing a recruitment process.

The adaptions to the leadership are to deliver the ‘University strategy at a greater pace’¸ as well as hoping to create ‘a more joined-up ‘One Southampton community.’

Four of the senior roles are currently up for position. These are:


Senior Vice-President (Academic)

This new position, in addition to being the deputy to the Vice-Chancellor, will focus on uniting finance with student ratios across the different schools, while also being at the forefront of major academic initiatives.


Vice-President (International)

This position has recently opened up after Winnie Eley has decided not to continue with the role. It now will also include being the ‘strategic academic lead on engagement activity at global, national, and civic level.’ This position will also include being the lead in linking alumni. Currently, the responsibilities for this position are being shared amongst senior staff.


Vice-President (Operations)

This position will form chiefly of the responsibilities of the previous Chief Operating Officer, which involves managing most of the Professional services used by the university.


Chief of Staff and Associate Vice-President (Strategy)

This position will involve providing ‘high-level strategic advice and support to the Vice-Chancellor’s team.’ This will have a particular focus on external sources.


In addition to the new roles, the current Pro-Vice Chancellors are being renamed as Associate Vice-Presidents.

It was also announced that Professor Phil Nelson has secured the role of Interim Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences after Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi will be leaving during the next term. The interim period will be around six months while an official Dean is appointed. There is a lot of interest already for this position from both inside and outside the country.


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