Southampton City Council Hits Back at Littering with Fines


Following a recent Cabinet meeting, the local council have called in an Environmental Enforcement Service who have been given permission to set fines for those caught littering.

Working with East Hampshire District Council, four of their trained officers will be hitting littering hotspots throughout the city, looking for those who are disposing of their litter incorrectly.

The Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) will start coming to the city streets during April, with £75 fines to members of the public who are found to drop litter or cigarette ends. The FPNs will be reduced to £55 if it is paid within ten day of being given.

On their website, Southampton City Council have said that they’re ‘asking residents to show the pride they have in the city,’ and doing so by requesting they ensure their litter is disposed of correctly. As well as the financial implications, the council calls on the environmental impacts, ‘with smaller items and cigarette butts making their way into the waterways,’ and consequently being taken to the ocean.

Speaking at the Cabinet, Cllr Jacqui Rayment expressed her own thoughts on the littering:

It’s a great shame that a small minority of people do not dispose of their litter properly. We’re asking everyone to show the love they have for Southampton by not dropping rubbish or cigarette ends.

Residents of the city will be able to see the campaign through a series of digital posters and via social media.


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