Unfilled Sabbatical and Faculty Officer Role Nominations to Reopen


Following the nomination period for the SUSU Spring Elections 2020, a number of positions were left unfilled. SUSU are reopening nominations for some of these positions in the coming weeks – focussing on VP Education & Democracy and Faculty Officer positions in what they describe as the Academic Elections.

Nominations are opening at 9am on Monday 9th March and closing at 1pm on Friday 13th March. The voting process is due to follow.

The positions that are left to be filled are:

Sabbatical Officer role

VP Education and Democracy

To find out more about the VP Education and Democracy role, read here.

Faculty Officer roles

Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

These roles are voluntary and applicants must be a student during the 2020/2021 academic year. To find out more about the individual roles, read here.


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