BREAKING: Visitor to University of Southampton Tested Positive for Coronavirus


The University of Southampton has now confirmed its first case of coronavirus on campus. The case has come from a visitor to the University who is known to have been in Building 53. Their steps are now being retraced.

An email was sent to Electronic and Computer Science undergraduate students stating ‘there has been a confirmed case of coronavirus in B53.’ They were visiting ‘the Silicon Photonics research group within ZIPN‘.

The email said that ‘colleagues in ZIPN have started to trace their movements‘. People are to be kept informed of any updates on where the visitor had been.

For now, students have been told to ‘not go to B53 this weekend‘.

Information from an email with a student states that the visitor is believe to have visited ‘last Thursday and Friday‘.

In further emails sent to UG and PGT students they warn ‘**PLEASE DO NOT ENTER B53**’. The ruling is that there are ‘no exceptions or special circumstances’ as students are to be ‘responsible not only for [their]own safety, but also for that of the people around [them].

The news comes after SUSU confirmed that Varsity 2020 was to be cancelled and the University closed a week early for Easter, as well as postponing graduation, following concerns over coronavirus.

If anyone was in contact with the confirmed case or is exhibiting symptoms they should seek university and NHS 111 advice. The University has already set up a FAQ page to answer questions relating to coronavirus. All students who are self-isolating or are concerned they should be have been asked to contact Student Life for advice and keep them informed.


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