University Hospital Southampton Facing Sanitiser Robbery


University Hospital Southampton (UHS) Maternity have been requesting that visitors do not empty their stocks of hand sanitiser, amid coronavirus fears.

Often placed throughout wards to encourage visitors to reduce the risk of spreading disease, a number of hospitals have reported cases where visitors have emptied the hospital’s reserves of hand sanitiser. In some cases, such as the one seen in the article UHS Maternity shared via Twitter, Northampton General Hospital have even had dispensers ripped from the walls.

In the original Tweet, UHS Maternity said:

Visitors are welcome to use hand washing sinks in the bays and rooms to reduce the likelihood of spreading ANY type of germs and infections to our vulnerable patients. Please do not take our stocks of alcohol gel, or use them to fill your empty bottles.

However, UHS Maternity have recently sent another Tweet, clearly showing that their requests were ignored by patrons.

A number of coronavirus worries have spread throughout the region, with many places running out of stocks of hand sanitiser and face masks. Currently, there are over 1500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

If you are concerned about coronavirus, then you can read the NHS advice here.


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