Unilink Holiday Timetable Starts Early


Due to the University of Southampton closing a week early for Easter break, Unilink bus service has brought forwards its vacation timetable.

The start of the adapted timetable began on Sunday 15th March, and will continue throughout the holiday until at least Saturday 18th April.

The changes to the timetable only affect the U1 and U2 routes, with the U6 and U9 timetable remaining the same.

This means a U1 bus can be expected up to every 10 minutes Monday to Friday instead of every 7 to 10 minutes. There is no change to the weekend timetable.

The U2 will run every 30 minutes Monday to Sunday, rather than every 10 or 20 minutes as previous.

To see the full timetable and the adaptations in full, click here.


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