£10,000 Funding for Humanities Textbooks Secured


The Hartley Library and Jo Lisney, incumbent VP Education and Democracy, have secured an additional £10,000 funding for more Humanities textbooks, SUSU have confirmed.

The announcement comes alongside a further announcement from the Library and Jo, which confirms that students will also have access to a further 35,000 electronic books and resources; these resources are likely to be crucial during the next term due to the University moving to online teaching.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback through SSLCs and student surveys about there not being enough copies of Humanities textbooks for students to access – whether that’s due to cost or availability”, Jo Lisney said.

“SUSU and the University have heard this and worked together to secure £10,000 so students can use this fund to offset the cost of core books. Alongside this, we have worked with the library to ensure we now have unlimited book loans and inter-library loans too – you can now take them out as many times as you need”.

At the time of writing, Hartley Library – and all other university libraries – are closed until further notice, but you can access all e-resources, ebooks, ejournals and online study support here.


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