University of Southampton Launch COVID-19 Support Fund


The main aims of the fund are to advance projects aimed to combat the effects of coronavirus.

In the post, the university says that the fund will contribute in many ways, such as ‘developing vaccines and innovative support technology, to ensuring our vulnerable students are cared for and our hospitals are well staffed.’

The fund has been supported by a number of associates of the university, including President and Vice-Chancellor, Mark E. Smith, and SUSU President, Emily Harrison.

After complimenting the ‘critical work’ of those on the frontlines, Smith said:

I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the enthusiasm and dedication of our staff in working long hours to tackle this deadly virus head-on. Their world-leading, multidisciplinary expertise is a major key to help unlock many of the solutions the world is looking for right now. All donations, big and small, will make a difference, and enable us to do even more.

Similarly, Harrison joins Smith in encouraging others to support the fund:

Back when the academic year started in September, I don’t think any of us could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in now. However, amongst the chaos and confusion, it’s been heart-warming to hear and see so many wonderful stories of kindness and people coming together. This fund is a fantastic example of just that, and is an easy way, if you are able, to make a real difference to other people.

In another post about the fund, the university also highlighted the other ways it has currently been doing its part against coronavirus, including frontrunning a drug trial for those most vulnerable, and helping to develop emergency PPE for NHS workers.

Currently, the fund has raised just under £200,000. Contributions can be made here.


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