Revealed: Full List of Nominations for AU Ball 2020


SUSU has revealed a full list of nominations for the upcoming Athletic Union (AU) Ball 2020.

There are nine awards up for grabs, with winners set to be announced at the virtual awards ceremony due to be held on Friday 1st May. For 1st Year Sportsperson, the nominees are as follows:

Jessy Marin – Canoe Polo Club
Kate Callaghan Benton – Canoe Polo Club
Sam Sterling – Canoe Polo Club
Rowan Kettle – Canoe Polo Club
Patrick Stuckle – Canoe Polo Club
Harry Burns – Men’s Football Club
Kai Major – Table Tennis Club
Ellie Brown – Netball Club.

For Sports Volunteer of the Year, there are three nominees:

Daniel Akhter Hussain – Canoe Polo Club
Jenna Ann Smith – Riding Club
Luke Gibson – Squash Club.

The Sportsman of the Year award will be given to either Matthew Lamont of the Canoe Club, or
Hugo Pang from Table Tennis Club.

Sportswoman of the Year will be awarded to one of the following nominees:

Laura Smith – Mixed Martial Arts
Georgia Mckay – Netball Club
Emma Collier – Trampolining Club
Eloise Kitchener – Riding Club.

There are four teams nominated for the Most Improved Team award:

Table Tennis Men’s 2nd Team
Football Men’s 2nd Team
Squash Ladies Team
Olympic Weightlifting Club.

Union Engagement is a head-to-head between Annabel Credland from Riding Club and Rheanna Cottam of the Netball Club.

Team of the Year will be given to one of the following eight:

Mixed Martial Arts Club
Riding Club 1st Team
Table Tennis Club
Ladies Basketball Team
Ladies Squash Team
Ladies Lacrosse 1st Team
Men’s Football 1st Team
Trampolining Club.

The Mike Bereford Coaching Award nominees are:

Lauren Taylor – Cheerleading
William Sparrow – Canoe Club
Elliot Thompson – Olympic Weightlifting Club
George Russell – Basketball Club
Shaun Hylands – Trampolining Club
Emma Collier – Trampolining Club
Francesca Eyles – Trampolining Club
Howard Tear – Trampolining Club
Andrew Taylor – Trampolining Club
Kerry Miller – Trampolining Club
Katy Joyce – Trampolining Club
Sarah Hogan – Netball Club
Emily Feist – Ladies Lacrosse Club.

Finally, the coveted Athletic Union Award will be a two-way run-off between the Mixed Martial Arts Club and Table Tennis Club.


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