Spire Southampton Hospital Invests £2M in New Equipment


The Spire Southampton Hospital, based at Chalybeate Close, has spent close to £2m to provide faster and quieter MRI scanning facilities. 

With faster equipment, the hospital will be able to detect any problems or abnormalities faster in patients. This should speed up the process of diagnosis in patients.

Fiona Taylor, who is currently the hospital’s Director, has said:

This significant sum of investment comes at a critical time when all Spire hospitals and its staff are gearing up to support the NHS with tackling COVID-19. This MRI scanner will help us to reach timely and more accurate diagnoses for patients with other urgent medical conditions that need investigating or treatment. Once Spire Southampton is back to ‘business as usual’, the scanner will be available for patients to book on a ‘one off’ basis so they can receive a scan quickly before being treated by us, or returning to the NHS. Having this equipment expands our offering to a wider pool of local people and Spire Southampton can’t wait to start using it, later in the month.

Spire Healthcare and its hospitals are a leading independent hospital group in the United Kingdom, with 39 private hospitals and eight clinics across the country, including several in Wales and Scotland.


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