‘Students Should be Able to Retake the Year’ Say NUS


The National Union of Students have stated they think students should be able to retake the year or be reimbursed for their fees. 

The union claims a survey of almost 10,000 student union members in the UK has shown that up to 81% are concerned by their graduate job prospects and 95% are worried about the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

The union are also asking for a £60m student hardship fund to be implemented by the government.

The survey was taken by 9,872 students across the UK from all age ranges and learning experiences, and revealed that:

  • 33% are at critical risk of being unable to access their education
  • 74% are worried about the risk to their final qualifications
  • 95% expressed fears about the impact of the virus on the wider economy
  • 81% said they were concerned about their job prospects
  • 71% worry about the impact the pandemic will have on their employability
  • and up to 85% of working students may need additional financial support as incomes drop

The NUS has called for ‘every student, in every part of education, to re-do this year at no further cost, with full maintenance support – while ensuring those returning to education next year receive high-quality education, training and support.’


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