Black Lives Matter Southampton Organise Peaceful Protest


A Southampton-based branch of social justice organisation Black Lives Matter have announced that they will be leading a peaceful protest from 5pm onwards on Wednesday, 3rd June at the Guildhall. 

This protest comes after communities from all over the world have held demonstrations in response to the tragic death of George Floyd by a police officer in the US last week.

For this protest, Black Lives Matter Southampton asks attendees to wear face masks, gloves and to practise social distancing rules. They also advise those with symptoms to stay at home rather than attending the protest, saying in an Instagram post: ‘We want you all to be safe!’.

They also ask attendees to avoid violence during this protest, saying in an Instagram post: ‘This is a peaceful protest for Black voices to be heard. There will be NO violence and please do NOT retaliate to disturbances’. 

Furthermore, on the 1st June, the organisers sent a call-out for equipment such as outdoor speakers, battery-power microphones and megaphones.

If you have any of this equipment and want to help, you can contact them on Instagram at @blmsouthampton or via their Facebook page.

If you are unable to attend this protest, Black Lives Matter Southampton encourages supporters to raise awareness of the event, sign petitions or to donate to GoFundMe page set up by the family of Belly Mujinga, who died of coronavirus after being spat on by a commuter at her place of work. You can donate here.

Black Lives Matter Southampton further assured people on social media that ‘[t]here will be more events in the near future that we will [sic]accomodate different supporters as best as possible. Stay tuned’.

You can find out more information about the protest via the Facebook event here.


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