Councillor Sue Blatchford Elected as Southampton Mayor


The Woolston Councillor has been elected as 798th Mayor of Southampton.

The City Council has this year held their first virtual Annual General Meeting. Upon accepting the post, the Labour councillor said she was proud to be the mayor of  ‘this wonderful city.’

She also said:

These are different times but I do still thank Councillor Kaur and Cllr Fitzhenry who have nominated me for this very special historical role in our city.

Cllr Blatchford was Mayor of Southampton from 2014-15 and has said that this time her future activities as a mayor will depend on how the crisis evolves, but has stressed that she will continue to support local charities. In this meeting, the council leader, Christopher Hammond, was formally re-elected as leader of the council.

Best of luck to all of the council in these difficult times.


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