Over a Quarter of Students Believe University is Not Worth the Money


A survey conducted by Student Academic Experience Survey found that 31% of students believed that their course was ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ value for money. This is a 2% increase from last year, though this may be due to the significant disruptions during the academic year caused by strikes and coronavirus.

There has also been decline in those thinking that their university course is worth the tuition fees, with reportedly only 39% feeling satisfied with the cost of fees. Another 30% of students felt university was neither good nor bad value. Many students were concerned by the effect of strikes and coronavirus causing a lack of contact hours, while only 25% of students felt they had enough information about how their fees were spent.

Considering the significant worries over the amount of students likely to accept a place at university course starting in September due to distanced learning, the cost of tuition is more contested than ever. Office for Students encouraged universities to clarify how teaching will taking place and whether campuses will open to help students feel comfortable with confirming their firm and insurance offers on the 18th of June.

The survey also revealed that only 15% of students felt their lives were worthwhile, prompting concerns over student’s well-being and mental health. 84% of students felt universities should be able to contact a student’s parents or guardians if they had serious concerns about a student’s mental health. This once again highlights the importance of mental health services for students, especially as financial pressure for universities could mean the slashing of funding for support services.


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