Government Gender Pay Gap Report For UoS Shows Unequal Data


In the Government report, with its data collected at the end of March, it was revealed that female workers for the university earn less than their male counterparts.

Within UoS, women are found to earn 82p compared to men’s £1 when comparing the median hourly wages. This connotes to female staff having a median hourly wage that is 18.3% lower than a man’s. If they are instead to compare the mean hourly wages, it would change to an 18.8% difference.

When showing the proportion of women in each pay quarter, the figures were again supportive of a gender difference. While there is a gender balance within the upper middle quarter, women make up only 38.4% of the top quarter, who are paid the highest amounts within the university. This is compared to women making up 66.8% of the lower quarter, or the lowest paid jobs.

The report further show that women receive less bonuses compared to men. On average, a woman’s mean bonus pay is 46.5% lower than a man’s, with only 4.9% of female staff receiving bonus pay compared to 6.9% of male staff.

You can read the full report here.


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