Social Mobility Charity Launch A-Level Grades Contextualiser


Award-winning social mobility charity ‘upReach’ have launched a brand new grades evaluation platform to help students, schools, universities and employers to contextualise ‘Covid Cohort’ A-Level grades that may have been unfairly capped. 

The website, launched late last night, is designed to support students whose grades may have suffered because their potential was under-estimated by their teachers, they were a high achiever at an under-achieving school, they were in a stronger cohort than in previous years, or they attend an improving school.

The grades evaluation platform will help students and employers to:

  • Better understand the likelihood of whether their grades might have been capped due
    to Ofqual’s standardisation process
  • Find out how their A-Level grades compare to those awarded in each subject at their
    school/college in prior years
  • Discover if they’re in a group where grades are historically under-predicted
  • Learn how their socio-economic background may have impacted upon their ability to
    achieve the same high A-Level grades as others with the same academic potential at
    their preferred university.

Students who use the site will be able to obtain a free four-page personalised grades evaluation, which will include flagging for the likelihood of lowered grades and a contextualised adjustment score.


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