Council Calls for COVID-19 Community Champions in Southampton


Southampton City Council is seeking COVID-19 Community Champions who would share the message of how to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

The COVID-19 Community Champions enables people in Southampton to get the most accurate and updated information on how to diminish the risk of getting and spreading coronavirus, whilst also providing any further help that may be required to reduce infections.

Southampton City Council believes that through mutual support and care coupled with aid from the COVID-19 Community Champions (in cooperation with the Public Health and Stronger Communities Teams) we will be able to share how to stay safe during the pandemic so we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.  

Director of Public Health, Debbie Chase said: “Any resident in Southampton can be a COVID-19 Community Champion – you might be someone that people know and trust or you may be new to this and just want to help out. Our Champions will be able to share issues and ideas with one another and with the Council so we can all listen and adjust to help people stay as safe as possible.”

Councillor David Shields, Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities comments:“We’ve seen an overwhelming response of people helping their communities with both new and existing groups supporting neighbours, family and friends over the past few months. We want to build upon this healthy community resilience our city has shown and now is your chance to help even further and use your voice to make a real difference as we move through the coronavirus pandemic together. The virus has not gone away, and it’s important that as many people as possible, from all our communities, are helped to understand the guidance and how we can best support one another.”

Participants are constantly provided with updated news, information, and instructions via frequent meetings to raise awareness of the methods you can adopt to fight and protect yourself from COVID-19.

Further information and the registration form can be found HERE


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