Most Students Are Now Enrolled At Uni After A-Level U-Turn


Some 13,000 people in the UK who originally missed out on their chosen university places will now study where they wanted to after government ministers made a U-turn on A-Level grades.

UCAS, who operate University admissions, estimated that 15,000 people may have missed out on their Firm choice university due to the algorithm used to calculate A-Level grades in August. Students have subsequently met the conditions of their firm offer as the Government has abandoned the algorithm in favour of using ‘Centre Assessed Grades’ (CAGs).

Data confirms that around 87% of these students are now at their firm or insurance choice universities, or indeed at a university with similar or higher entry requirements.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, all exams in the UK were cancelled as teachers were asked to estimate students’ grades. UCAS state that 508,090 students have been placed at universities in this admissions cycle – a record high number.

Clare Marchant, chief executive of UCAS, said that higher education providers have “moved quickly and flexibly to confirm places for students who are qualified with their revised grades”.

Universities and colleges continue to contact students and assess the capacity they have to run courses in 2020 in a safe way“, she added.


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