Partial Campus Return for Postgraduate Research Students


The university has allowed a partial return to campus for postgraduate research students (PRS).

Those seeking desk-based guidance will be able to request campus access. Each faculty will have a certain number of spaces available, and some areas may not be available due to cleaning concerns. Access will be granted due to need and as long as space is suitable.

Those seeking lab-based guidance may come back in one of two ways:

  • If they are part of the phased return of labs at the request of their supervisor or research group leads
  • A return may be requested via the School if not included in the phased return

The year of study, required lab access, capacity, and approval from Supervisor will all be used to grant access.

To request campus access, students must provide their School a rationale as to why they would need to be on campus i.e. unsuitable work environment at home or need for on-campus facilities. Requests will be verified by the Head of School and, if granted, students will receive an email stating the time and place they are able to work in.

However, the university guideline still continues as those who are able to stay at home should not come onto campus.

Further information can be found here.


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