Eastleigh Residents Calls To Make M27 Quieter


Eastleigh residents have called for changes to make the M27 quieter, with local leaders saying residents have been complaining for years about the noise levels near homes in West End and Hedge End.

Eastleigh Borough Council claim that in 2014 then-MP Mike Thornton secured funding from Highways England for ‘low noise resurfacing’ between junctions 5 and 7.

In 2018 it was agreed at an Eastleigh Borough Council meeting that if Highways England did not comply then the government would be held accountable. Highways England recently provided an update saying:

We understand that traffic noise can be a cause for concern and we are committed to reducing the impact of road noise along this stretch of the M27. We are progressing with a project to resurface the concrete section of the M27 between junction 5 and 7 with a lower noise surface. This project is currently in the preliminary design phase.’

Lib Dem Councillor Keith House, leader of the Eastleigh Borough Council, said:

It was extremely frustrating that our concerns about noise from the M27 weren’t addressed from the outset, and that a solution wasn’t included in the original Smart Motorways project.



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