Southampton Airport will close on weekends temporarily


From February 6th to March 7th, Southampton Airport will close on weekends, including all flights on those days being suspended.

This closure comes as airport bosses expressed the need to expand the runway to attract new airlines in the future.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conditions for the airport have been difficult. Director at Southampton Airport, Steve Szalay says ‘Prior to the onset of the pandemic, passenger numbers at the airport fell by 90% due to the collapse of Flybe. COVID-19 has exacerbated this situation further with the suspension of a number of routes and reduced passenger demand due to the travel restriction currently in place. This is an extremely challenging period for the entire aviation industry.’

The airport will now only open from Monday to Friday (during this period) to expand the airport runway by 164m.

Opening times are as follows:

Monday – 13:30 to 20:30

Tuesday – 10:15 to 17:15

Wednesday – 10:15 to 17:15

Thursday – 13:30 to 20:30

Friday – 13:30 to 20:30

Saturday closed

Sunday closed


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