University of Southampton publish their Equal Pay Review


The University of Southampton has published their 2019 Equal Pay Review.

By consulting with Trade Unions and staff networks, the University has reviewed the data in their aim to provide equal pay with respect to gender.

The Equal Pay Review, in partnership with the government requirement to publish Gender Pay Gap data (under the Gender Pay Gap Service), will help analyse the pay gap.

The 2019 Equal Pay Review displays that the University of Southampton continues to provide equal pay, specifically in regards to work of equal value with respect to gender. Further conclusions about the intersection of ethnicity and disability cannot be asserted, but it is suggested.

The review shows that, without regards to pay level, the mean (gender) equal pay gaps are 20.4%. Yet, when including regards to pay levels, or work of equal value, it drops to less than 3%. Other statistics regarding ethnicity and disability are similar.

Despite the positive results of the review, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion at the University, Mark Spearing said ‘It is very clear though, that we have much to do to address the imbalances borne out by our overall pay gaps’. He continues ‘one of the priority areas we are exploring is what we can do to ensure a diversity of colleagues are supported and encouraged to develop their careers within our University’.

Looking to the future, Anne-Marie Sitton, the Executive Director of Human Resources, stated ‘Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and other relevant bodies will consider the findings of this review and make recommendations for any further activity where they consider that actions are not already underway or sufficiently covered, in order to positively influence the pay gaps highlighted in this report’.


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