The University of Southampton Releases an Update on Teaching


Students of the University of Southampton received an email from Student Communications regarding updates on online learning, and the support available. The University noted how the email was aimed at students whose studies have been online since January 2021 and should be ignored by those who have had in-person teaching since then.

As a result of not hearing further guidance from the government, the University is assuming that the previous guidance is in place. This consists of teaching remaining online, as such students should continue with their studies in the same method as they have since January 2021.

The University has also assured students that they will be updating them as soon as they hear any new information regarding in-person teaching. Speaking on the issue, Student Communications stated:

There has been extensive discussion over the last few days between the Government and Universities UK (UUK), the universities sector body, regarding the resumption of any further in-person, on-campus teaching at Universities and the University of Southampton is taking an active part in this dialogue. […]
We understand that many of you, like us, will be disappointed by this news. We will continue to provide you with access to online education. We will continue to operate the campus as we had planned, with many of our services including libraries, catering, study spaces and sports facilities open. ’

Regarding accommodation, the email also outlined how those who are living in University halls will gain an extended refund policy, which will be the case until in-person teaching recommences. Those who this applies to have been informed that they will receive an email the week beginning 12th April.

For general support regarding the current situation, the University has signposted their ‘24/7 Student Support Hub’, which can be found here.


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