UoS Student Forgets to Run for WS Committee, Regrets It for the Rest of their Life


An ex-University-of-Southampton-student has recently come forward about how they forgot to nominate themselves to be on Wessex Scene committee, and how that mistake was the start of an epic downfall.

The ex-student, claimed that they had received an email detailing the opportunity to be on Wessex Scene committee and thought it sounded great. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of making soup so completely forgot about it. Shortly after, nominations were closed, and the student was left with an empty feeling in their heart.

This led to a terrible downward spiral for the ex-student. First, they stopped by buying Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference due to losing their card on a night out and only having £7.18 in cash, and instead they had to shop exclusively from the Stamford St. Food Company range, which includes 15 Yorkshire Puddings for 50p – not bad. Unfortunately, the shop was out of gravy, and the student had to endure a very dry Sunday Lunch. Later on, their house ordered Thai without them, and then they burnt their pan-fried salmon- nightmare. Continuing from this, their CV sucked because they didn’t have anything interesting to talk about (except their volunteering at Cats Protection when they were 13) and ended up having to start their own business selling crocheted blankets on etsy because nobody would hire them. Then came the moths.

In short, nominate yourself! You can do so via this form where you can also read the role descriptions in full.


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