Roadkill Nightmares


With the extinction rates of many species soaring, protecting our local habitats and wildlife has become a priority. Badgers, rabbits and deer are often left on the side of the road or foxes shot to protect flocks of chicken. But what are the statistics?

A recent study by GoCompare has revealed Southampton as the second deadliest area for wildlife in Britain with roadkill numbers skyrocketing. In 2019, 259 roadside accidents with animals were reported just behind Thetford with 264 roadkill incidents. Following close to Southampton, Winchester ranked fourth with 237 animals hit by a vehicle.

The results also reported the A1, M6 and A1(M) are the three worst roads in Britain ranking first, second and third respectively.

Deer are the most common reported roadkill with £24,000 being claimed on car insurance every year in relation to ‘deer damage’.

However, it may not all be doom-and-gloom. In March, Southampton Uni was awarded The British Hedgehog Preservation Society Bronze award for maintaining a hedgehog friendly campus.

It’s not too late to help these animals. Species can come back from the brink of extinction (or even extinction itself). Ospreys are just one example of a species making a return in the UK. Look out for road signs and drive slower at night to help prevent the high roadkill numbers.


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