“Super Graduation or Super Disappointment” – University of Southampton’s Graduation Uncertainty


Today (Wednesday 20th July) marked the start of the University of Southampton’s three-day super graduation, an event set to celebrate the hard work of three years of graduates. Held in St. Mary’s Stadium and meant to be filled with recognition for students’ achievements, a day that graduates had eagerly anticipated has instead turned to one of quiet protest and utter dismay.

Super Graduation, the University of Southampton’s big send-off for thousands of students, has instead become marred by what appears to be the University’s push for efficiency. This “Super” Graduation, has left graduates feeling anything but super, and as the University chose to hide how the event would commence until today, there’s a sneaking suspicion they were aware of the backlash they would receive.

Names left uncalled, hands unshaken, and no diplomas.

Just shows that all we are is an anonymous student ID number and £27,000.

Super Graduation, the event that many students had eagerly looked forward to, has instead become an event that has left students feeling disheartened. Many students across Schools have called to boycott the event, with many asking if they can be reimbursed the compulsory £50 for gown hire and postage.

One student has said that their mother “feels disrespected as a parent by the university”, and it’s a sentiment many parents across the board are feeling.

It literally looks like primary school children during a fire drill walking in single file.

Students responded to the disappointing live stream by commenting their disapproval on the YouTube video, though this feature has now been turned off.

One reaction to the graduation ceremony has seen students across different departments taking the stage and shaking hands with one another, restoring one element from the graduation that was sadly taken. It’s one example of students coming together when they have felt let down by the University, matching times of camaraderie when the university had gone on strikes or during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even lecturers who are currently striking against poor pay across the University have found themselves unable to attend graduation, much to the disappointment of their favourite students.

Graduation is an absolute fad.

The Students’ Union, SUSU, has reached out to inform us that they are currently seeking clarification from the University. We will keep you updated.

We have also e-mailed the Vice Chancellor for a comment and are currently awaiting a reply. We will publish updates if necessary.


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