How to Avoid Making Your Festive Birthday’d Friends Cry


As someone with a December birthday, I know first-hand the horrors of someone rooting around the family card drawer (everyone has one, right?) and presenting you with the best card they could find – a robin perched on a snowy branch – because at least it doesn’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ on it.

Whilst I will let you into a secret and admit I like to shove my birthday presents under the tree to experience the excitement of Christmas morning twice, I am still going to tell you the top five things you respectfully SHOULD NOT DO to your friend that has a birthday in December (or any other festive periods – we’re looking at you NYE).
P.S. if you have ever committed these acts of playing Santa, I forgive you and was very appreciative, I promise xo.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

I entirely understand having some snowflakey wrapping paper is highly convenient because what student, or person with their life together, isn’t going to kill two birds with one stone and use it to wrap their mate’s December birthday present? I get it. But don’t expect me not to whack out my leftover wrapping paper from Christmas for your June birthday. We’ll blame it on my student loan.

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Boots Gift Sets

Everyone loves a cheeky Lynx body spray or Jack Wills socks and hand cream set from Boots under the tree. But every year, someone cannot resist these half price gift sets and I can guarantee I will receive at least one Soap and Glory tin. I love the irresistible smell of Sugar Crush, but you’re basic. (I can’t lie though, I am definitely guilty of this one because really, who can resist? Arguably a pro of a festive birthday).

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Leftover Christmas Cake

Now this one hasn’t happened to me personally, but leftover Christmas cake as your birthday cake?? Have you got no heart? Turns out my grandparents may not have done. Bake your pal some average Victoria Sponge cake please, I beg of you. No one should have to blow out the candles of a half eaten fruit cake. If your baking skills really aren’t up to scratch, M&S will always have your back with Colin the Caterpillar.

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This one is a bit of a sore spot, at any time of year I’m sure, but especially when it is painfully obvious that someone has received a present they’re not keen on and passed it on. Whilst the gesture is nice, I don’t want your Emma Bridgewater milk jug. I’m sorry. Especially not wrapped in some old torn up tissue paper.

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Just make time, please

One of the downfalls of a December birthday is everyone is busy. All anyone really wants is their pals to make the time on their day. Something I think 2020 taught all of us is to be appreciative of the little things and how much a hug and a cup of tea with your friends and family really means. My 21st really wasn’t what I expected it to be, but my closest friends ensured I still had a special day (shout out to the Wessex Scene Exclusive for the Ribena delivery). This year really has been a rough one, so please, just make the time to celebrate in some way.

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I have to admit, December birthdays are kinda fun. But please resist the urge to play Santa and forget Christmas exists for one day.


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