Parents of Girl With Too Many Cats Launch Petition Against Excessive Cat Pictures


The parents of a University of Southampton student have launched a petition to protest the mental and emotional distress they have experienced after being shown too many pictures of their daughter’s 6 cats. The student’s mother told Wessex Scene:

If it were one or two pictures every now and then, that would be one thing! But she shows us 5,000 every day! It’s not even enough to just show one of us— she has to show both of us the same batch of pictures every day. And the very next day, there will be 5,000 more!

The student’s mother has also observed that, aside from the sheer annoyance, the staggering amount of cat pictures have raised concerns about her daughter’s future. ‘I’ve never seen her do any course work,’ her mother confided to Wessex Scene. ‘She also has a job, but I’ve never seen her do that either. It’s nothing but cat pictures all day long!’

The student’s father supported his wife’s statement and added that he initially started the petition because he is disappointed by his daughter’s violation of unspoken social norms.

One or two pictures are fine. The rule is, you show one or two pictures and we all say it’s the cutest cat we’ve ever seen. But 5,000 every day is a blatant violation of human decency. They’re on her Facebook. They’re on her Instagram. She emails them to me when I’m at work! There are no safe spaces for me anymore! My life is overrun with cat pictures!

When presented with the fact that their daughter’s thousands of Instagram followers follow her primarily BECAUSE of her cat pictures, both parents were shocked into silence. They urge readers to sign their petition in the hope that they may find some reprieve and never have to look at another cat again. The student’s father has also vowed to find a way to ‘like’ this article 50 times, although he has yet to ‘like’ a single one of his daughter’s cat pictures.


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